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I’m just a country girl, who married a country boy.

I now have two stepchildren, and they are great…they are also grown-ups (bonus!).   (The girl with the scarf is my stepdaughter-in-law.)

We have two dogs that don’t listen very well.

We live in the boondocks…woods behind us, and only three close neighbors.  One of which is Amish.  I can’t post a picture of them, because they don’t really like it when you show up on their doorstep with a camera.

One of the great things about living in the boonies is that you can turn the heavy metal up really loud and nobody complains.  (Well the Amish don’t have phones, so if it bothers them, they’ve never told us.)

I work in the “big city” of Erie, PA.  I sell pipe tools, and I know how they work.  If you ever need help tapping a water pipe…I’m your girl.  I go to school at night, working on a degree that would probably get me a job doing what I do now, but when I’m done at least I’ll have a piece of paper saying that I’m “edumakated”.

Realistically, I would rather be at home doing other things, like reading, writing, painting, cake decorating, home improving, or growing stuff.  Until I win a Powerball Jackpot, this is my life…

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